Fixed Home Mortgage Rates - VA Home Loans - FHA Mortgage for Refinance & Purchase

Nationwide Home Mortgages is dedicated to fair lending and low mortgage rates on FHA mortgage and VA home loans for refinancing and purchase loans. As an Approved VA and FHA lender we can offer the best government home loans available in the market place. Another benefit to refinancing your bad credit home loan is that you have the ability to shorten the term of mortgage, saving you a significant amount of money because you would have significantly less interest owed to your mortgage lender. We offer first and second mortgage refinancing with options for home equity loans, credit lines, FHA mortgages and VA home loans.

Home Mortgage Loans for Refinancing or Purchase

Nationwide Mortgages is a good and bad credit lender who understands home refinancing and purchase loan needs. The Nationwide home loan corporation was created with a mission to help borrowers with bad credit mortgages get a new opportunity for low rate refinancing and new home financing with affordable mortgage rates and reduced lending fees.

When shopping for home refinancing options, you will take comfort in how we have automated the mortgage lending process. Home financing should not turn your life upside down and Nationwide Mortgages has just the team of loan officers to help you achieve your goals financially. Ask About our No Cost Home Loans that guarantee No Loan Costs ot Lender Fees if approved. Qualifying for a no cost mortgage at record low rate is the best of both worlds!

Home mortgage rates have not been this low since Freddie Mac began recording interest rates nearly 30-years ago. Seize this opportunity and lock into the best 30-year mortgage rate ever!

Experienced Mortgage Professionals

Our home mortgage financing team consists of trained lending professionals who strive to provide you with the best home loan advice that could save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Unfortunately, many borrowers are forced to take out a bad mortgage loans with high interest rates when they purchased their property because they were penalized for pooor credit scores or for being a 1st time homebuyer.

If you want to save money and maximize your cash flow, consider refinancing with Nationwide Mortgages while the fixed rates are below 5%! We have been lending nationally since 1999!

Take advantage of guaranteed low mortgage rates for the following loan options:

* Fixed Home Loan Rates
* FHA Mortgage Rates
* Jumbo Mortgage Rates
* Second Mortgage Rates
* VA Mortgage Rates
* Conventional Interest Rates
* Home Equity Loan Rates

Helping People Refinance Subprime Loans

Nationwide Mortgage specializes in helping borrowers refinance their subprime mortgage loans. Bad credit refinancing was much easier a few years back. Today borrowers who have challenged credit have little financing options beyond FHA and VA loan programs.

Nationwide Lending also provides options for cash out home equity loans, interest only lines and FHA mortgage loans for borrowers with all types of credit. Our FHA streamline team consists of trained financing professionals who strive to provide you with the best loan advice for your family in your local region. FHA and VA mortgage rates have reached all-time lows at 4.5%, so reap the benefits from the government bail-outs and lock into a great home loan today! The fact is that mortgage refinancing is one of the best ways that homeowners can save money!

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